Manuka Blend NPA5+ (340g)

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100 % Pure Honey

Minimally Filtered Raw Honey
Product of New Zealand , packed in the UK

Manuka honey is harvested exclusively in New Zealand from the Native Manuka Bush Leptospermum scoparium. 
Their flowers are generally white but some have a pink tint and are roughly the size of a penny.

Manuka And Wild Blossom Blend Active NPA5+ is a blend of Manuka and other honeys from New Zealand. Harvested towards the end of the Manuka season the bees visit many floral types, creating a natural Manuka blend but still keeping the special properties of the Manuka.

Please store upright preferably below 20 °c .
For preferred consistency, warm to soften, chill to harden.
Not suitable for infants under 12 months.