Indian Spice Chai Black Tea

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Dragonfly Tea is a family-owned, British tea company with a hundred year heritage of sourcing, growing and making the very purest and finest of teas. The company travel the globe to find artisanal and often rare teas, some from remote tea gardens, and some from the most renowned tea makers. Dragonfly Tea is passionate about introducing tea lovers around the world to new, quality tea experiences and were the first to put such favourites such as rooibos, white tea and honeybush on Britains high street.

Spiced chai is the traditional way of drinking tea in India. From Rajasthan to Goa, most households have their own particular way of making the aromatic brew. This blend is inspired by some of the most delicious recipes, balancing sumptuous spices with fine black tea.

Delicious with: The spices in this tea go particularly well with fruit-based cakes such as banana bread, Dundee cake and carrot cake.

20 individually sealed string & tag sachets (40g)