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Taste descriptor Fermented from the juice of a special blend of whole organically grown desse..
HKD65.00 HKD52.00
Richly smoky purple Dulse has a firm texture that’s perfect as a snack straight from the pack or ..
HKD96.00 HKD58.00
Silky and soothing, Wakame seaweed leaves have a spinach-like mineral flavour that are the idea a..
HKD96.00 HKD58.00
Mild, al dente Sea Spaghetti is the perfect texture and taste to complement any traditional pasta..
HKD97.00 HKD58.00
Daisy Bridgewater of The Telegraph Magazine wrote that this product was one of the only products ..
HKD72.00 HKD50.00
Beaming Baby Organic Baby Wipes - Fragrance Free Give YOUR BABY the Healthiest Start to Life ..
HKD52.00 HKD37.00
Product Summary: Suitable from 0-12 months Whey dominant From organic cows mi..
HKD328.00 HKD263.00
Suitable from 6-12 months Casein dominant From organic cows mik Added iron ..
HKD328.00 HKD263.00
Suitable from 12 months From organic cow’s milk Added iron, zinc and calcium ..
HKD318.00 HKD255.00
Biona Organic Linseed - Gold - 500g   Linseed (flaxseed) has been known for centurie..
HKD52.00 HKD37.00
Organic Cocobella Chocolate Coconut Butter Our Chocolate & Coconut Cocobella is a mou..
HKD119.00 HKD84.00
Tomato Basil Soup High quality organic gourmet soup in jar. Italian style Tomato Basil Soup i..
HKD62.00 HKD44.00
Ingredients: 100% organic sesame oil Recommended Maxi..
HKD67.00 HKD54.00
Revolutionising the vegan chocolate bar… At Doisy and Dam, we wholly reject the idea that he..
HKD22.00 HKD15.00
Certified organic to USDA National Organic Program standards, Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Orga..
HKD106.00 HKD74.00
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