Essence of Eden - Coconut Oil

Essence of Eden - Coconut Oil
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Essence of Eden Coconut Oil is made with Super Centrifuges machines. The coconut meat is first shredded then crushed without heat to expel the coconut oil and water mixture, which within seconds is directed to the Super Centrifuge where the coconut oil separates continuously and siphoned off into a receiving drum. This is the very top oil, the premium or crème de la crème.

This manufacturing method does not heat the coconut oil ensuring that the enzymes and nutrient content of the oil is maintained - as fresh and natural as at the moment at which they were extracted from the coconut itself.

Each Essence of Eden supplier has to meet strict criteria for farming, production, processing and exporting and maintain our exclusivity agreement. Both the land and the manufacturing process is certified organic. This product carries a 100% guarantee with each purchase so you can enjoy with confidence.

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