Naturya - Chia Seeds 300g

Naturya - Chia Seeds 300g
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Naturya Natural Chia Seeds

Cultivated on the sierras of South America, chia was an important crop for indigenous communities for centuries, who used the seeds for food, medicine and oil.

Naturya Chia Seeds have a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and are rich in fibre and protein. Popular with long-distance runners seeking an energy boost, chia seeds are also contain plenty of calcium.          


Allergen Information

This product is packaged in a factory where nuts are also handled

Nutritional Data

Nutritional information -typical values per 100 g Chia seeds  
Energy                  1772 kJ
Energy                  429.2 kcal

Fat                           28.2 g
of which saturates   2.68  
monounsaturates   1.56 g
Polyunsaturates   22.48 g
of which Omega 3   17.38 g
Carbohydrate           7.34 g
Sum of Sugars            0.86 g
Dietary Fibre            31.98 g
Protein                    20.44 g
Salt                            <0.1 g
Vitamin A              36.80 µg
Vitamin E               0.27 mg
Vitamin C               1.7 mg
Potassium               538 mg
Calcium                       311.06 mg
Phosphorous               642 mg
Magnesium               246 mg
Iron                               6.03 mg         
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