Percol - All Day Americano Ground Coffee (200g)

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All Day Americano
Not too mild, not too strong, our Americano is the perfect choice for coffee o'clock, anytime of the day. A blend of organic beans from Central and South America, you'll notice a cup that's full-bodied and rich with a toffee and chocolate finish.
We're a small bunch of coffee lovers who are passionate about bringing you the best tasting beans from around the world.
Fairtrade, Organic and full-bodied,
Extraordinary coffee, 100% arabica ground coffee, Strength - rich - 4
Giving you the most delicious daily cuppa is important to us, but so too is making sure the people and environments that grow this coffee are supported, respected and protected.
Join us in celebrating these wonderful beans, the people who have grown them and the journey they've been on.

Preparation and Usage

Making the Perfect Coffee
For filter machines, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
For Cafetières:
Use one large dessertspoon per cup; that's about 15g per 250ml
Add hot water, just off the boil and stir
Leave to infuse for 2 minutes before plunging halfway and bringing back up
Wait another 2 minutes, plunge, serve and relax


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