Chips, Crisps & others

Chips, Crisps & others
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Description Great taste and crispy cru..
Baked Coconut Chips. Perfect for snacking Naturally sweet and deliciously mor..
Hand Cooked Crisps Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar ..
HKD12.00 HKD9.00
Spicy Chorizo and Red Pepper Flavour Handcooked Potato Crisps ..
HKD12.00 HKD9.00
Using 100% buckwheat flour, these crispbreads have an authentic flavour with no added salt or sug..
HKD50.00 HKD35.00
Yet another addition to the delicious Le Pain des Fleurs line is here. Their new organic coco..
Crispy! Crunchy! Caramba! Black beans and buckwheat have been two of the staples of Mexican coo..
Buckwheat: it's not a real grain and it doesn't care Buckwheat is a pseudo-grain, more closely ..
Lentils. Not just for hippies, man. Woodstock. Round sunglasses. Lentils, Hippie culture brough..
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